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Komodo Kayaking Tours

Komodo National Park offers some incredible adventures. While you may think that facing the world’s largest lizard might be enough for one lifetime – Can you imagine sea kayaking to some of the most remote beaches on earth, accessing areas rarely visited because your sea kayak is the only way in or out? Can you imagine drifting over magnificent coral reefs and dodging small whirlpools that dot the seas in which you are paddling. Can you imagine visiting islands that are uninhabited and ones that are still inhabited by mythical Dragons? These can all come true on Komodo Kayaking tours :)

Komodo Kayaking tours

Simply put, Komodo National Park is one of the best locations sea kayaking expeditions in Asia. There is nothing comparable to be found anywhere. The beaches are silent and the skies are clear. The seas are filled with untold marine life and the whole time you can paddle silently through the vast bays, inlets and coves that make up the park.

Komodo Kayaking Tours:

All the komodo kayak expeditions are organized and led with a commitment to maximizing the benefits of the trips to the local community and minimizing the negative impact associated with tourism. You will visit areas that focus on kayaking, rather than the mass snorkeling groups. On these tours you will work with and interact sensibly with locals,  as we believe in positive cultural exchanges so as not to change their lives – this means trade not aid.

The local guides always include details of the impact of tourism in the area and the positive and negative aspects. Where possible they will encourage participants to follow local customs and adopt practices that work in harmony with the habitat and environment. These trips can vary due to local conditions and guest needs. Days can be shortened or lengthened depending on many factors. You will be in charge!

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Komodo Kayaking Tours
Komodo Kayaking Tours