komodo national park entrance fee

Komodo National Park Entrance Fee

When visiting Komodo, you will need to pay national park entrance fees. Typically these are paid at the office in Labuan Bajo, or upon arrival at the parks offices inside the park (Rinca and Komodo). The entrance tickets are valid for three days.

For foreign visitors, the park fees are :

  • Entrance fee Rp 20,000 (conservation fee)
  • Local Area Tax Rp 50,000 (paid to the local villages and communities)
  • Snorkeling Fee Rp 60,000 (for trips inside the park)
  • Diving Fee Rp 75,000 (for any dives made inside the park)
  • Photo camera fee: Rp 50,000
  • Video camera fee: Rp 150,000
  • Ranger/guide: Rp 80,000 (per group)

Komodo national Park fees

These prices are current as of 2013. However, they can change on short notice. All fees are paid in cash in Rupiah, so please prepare ahead by visiting ATM in Labuan Bajo (or where ever you depart from).

Nearly all Komodo Tour operators will either ask you for the money immediately before departure or have you join them in paying the fees directly to the park rangers. More luxury operators will include the fees in their services.

Most of these fees benefit the local communities directly and indirectly. They help pay for rangers to protect the visitors, but also for patrols of the park to keep out illegal fishing, mining and poachers. The “Local fees” go directly to the local villages which have very few other sources of income – aside from being the guides. So your money goes to making gainful employment as well as promoting ethical tourism.

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