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Snorkeling Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is home to crystal clear waters, and an unsurpassed biodiversity in marine life. It is no wonder that Komodo snorkeling has become a very popular tour. Just below the surface of the water, you will find some of the most pristine and untouched coral reef in the world. While in and around the beautiful Komodo National Park you want to spend a little time on the islands as well as beneath the sea. Here you may see the famous Komodo Dragon eating or simply lounging in the sun. There are a host of animal species that are found on the shores of the Komodo National Park, including: goats, deer, wild pigs and a variety of small mammals and bird life. But Komodo Snorkeling is simply stunning.

Snorkeling For All Skill Levels In Komodo National Park

Once you have had your fill of terrestrial animal life, it is time to hit the waters. Just a couple of meters below the surface of the sea, you will find a colorful and stunning array of coral and reef shelves. Being just a few meters below the surface makes for perfect Komodo snorkeling. Here you will find a myriad of marine life. Large groupers swim along the reefs and color filled coral. You will find over seventy different species of sponges. You will also find schools of anthias and fusiliers. These colorful and family oriented fish make their homes in the hard and soft corals that are abundant in the area. From the pink beaches, you can see the start of the coral reefs and the shelves that offer some of the best snorkeling Komodo has to offer.

During your Komodo snorkeling vacation, you will have the chance to see some of the areas marine mammals and life such as: sharks, manta rays, dolphins and dugongs. There are a vast variety of fish that call the Komodo snorkeling site home. You will have the chance to see the snappers, humphead parrotfish and even the occasional sea turtle. The surrounding beaches and mangrove forests are definitely a sight to see, and rarely leave a visitor anything other than speechless.

Komodo Snorkeling Tours

The Komodo National Park is a tropical paradise, and it’s seas and shores do not disappoint. The snorkel Komodo tours and sessions are all family friendly. This offers a great way to introduce young children, or the inexperienced, to the world of snorkeling without losing any of the beauty that comes along with this stunning location. There are a host of tours that are available to take you to the best Komodo snorkel spots and destinations. You may even get the rare opportunity to see the white or black tipped reef shark while you are there. The sea surrounding the Komodo National Park is a natural aquarium, and will please and amuse the youngest to the oldest, the most experienced to the most novice of snorkelers. Snorkel Komodo and see some of the most pristine coral reef, and collection of diverse marine life that the world has to offer.

Where to start your Komodo Snorkel Tour

A few years back trying to organize a Komodo Snorkel tour was difficult and in a very remote place. These days things are changing. The nearby town of Labuan Bajo has grown and it’s airport is now serviced by several flights a day from Bali. The Ferry terminal in Labuan Bajo is now very active with daily transfers to and from Sumbawa as well as weekly ferries from Bali, Sulawesi and beyond.

In years past the quality and type of accommodation in Labuan Bajo left much to be desired. In the past two years several 4 star resorts have opened as well as some seriously good restaurants.

So a one day Komodo Snorkeling tour is very possible and quite affordable. In addition there are overnight and multiday tours now happening. As the Komodo Park is a massive area and features dozens – if not hundreds of great places to snorkel, it is worth spending more than a few days in the area. Please remember than in these cases what may seem like a bargain can be a hazard – safety standards and not what you expect nor are they enforced – please seek out only reputable and recognized tour operators.

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