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Komodo Liveaboards Diving

Often referred to as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world – the Komodo National Park and surrounding dive sites cater to divers of all levels. While famous for the Dragons above water – the marine life is bring much attention from around the world – and well deserved! As Part of the “Coral Trianlge” and a UNESCO World Heritage site – this is an amazing place to dive. With more than 50 named dive site (and many times that still un-named) the best way to see more of the region and really get in some serious diving is on a Komodo Liveaboard.

Komodo Liveaboard diving - the JayaThere are Liveaboards operating inside Komodo for all prices and levels of divers. As with most travel in Indonesia – you get what you pay for! Many of the budget boats lack even the most basic of safety features – like radios and can be risky. On the other hand some boats feature hot tubs and satellite TV.

We will be offering more details in the very near future. Please keep coming back to this page to see a broader selection of Komodo Liveaboard boats!

Please choose only dive and snorkel operators that have blackwater tanks, demand that guests do not touch coral, harass marine life, feed the fish or throw any waste in the water. The ecosystem of the area is delicate and many operators scoff at the most basic procedures. Please express your concerns before booking any given tour.

Komodo Liveaboards

There are only a few Komodo Liveaboards operating that offer safety, high standards and also offer environmentally friendly diving! The state of boats in this amazing place is pretty disgraceful considering that these islands are such a precious natural resource. Many boats do not even offer a septic tank – so they literally swim in their own waste!!!!!

Komodo Liveaboard Diving Conditions

Conditions for diving are great year-round – with 20-30 meter visibility standard. In the summer months the Northern dive sites are easily accessible and there is very little rain or wind. In the winter months there tends to be more rain and winds and the diving moves to the Southern end of Komodo National park.

Generally visibility is 20-30 Meters throughout the park. However water temperatures range from 26-28 degrees in the North to 22-24 (with upwellings that are even less!). Currents can be very, very strong in the main channels. It takes wisdom and experience to dive in these sites and should only be undertaken with experienced guides.

The Komodo Island Park has dozens and dozens of dive sites. As the whole park is still being explored – there is endless opportunities for diving.  navigation. You can swim 20 meters and be in a whole new eco-system! This also means the diversity of marine life is awe-inspiring.

Komodo Liveaboard Safety

While many people come from the first world and expect first world standards – there can be very surprised visitors! For local daytrips and some budget liveaboards, even radios are considered luxuries! Equipment is rarely serviced and often only by the guides. Oxygen tanks are also rarities…and try asking the number of DAN!!! Please be very aware that low-priced Komodo Liveaboards can offer great bargains…but at what price? Seek out those boats with life rafts, satellite phones, Oxygen kits and staff who know how to use them!

The currents of Komodo can be wild. They are considered among the strongest in the world and can be great risks. Dive guides must be experienced in the region. Not only must a guide be aware of the tidal changes, but how they affect each dive site. At some sites a difference of a few meters or a few minutes can be phenomenal. There are several times a year where divers and their guides are blown off the dive sites by these currents. This is very often the result of inexperienced guides. For the safety of each visitor – please do not dive with inexperienced guides in the Komodo National Park.

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