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Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving offers many treats. Here is a clownfishKomodo National Park, Indonesia is home to the famous Komodo Dragon – but is fast gaining reputation as Asia’s most spectacular diving. There is such a vast diversity of dive sites, diving conditions and amazing underwater life in the confines of this remote Park. Komodo Diving is worth a visit!

It is said that it feels like diving at the edge of the world. Komodo Diving is no longer the wild west of a few years ago when the area’s diving was first discovered – but this comes with the benefits of safety, standards and experienced guides. It still feels like a each trip is a exploration to the ends of the earth. As there are still very few boats, and rarely divers on the same sites.  The scenery above the water makes for a stunning backdrop against this incredible diving destination.

Of course the Komodo National Park is home to the infamous Komodo Dragon, which is the largest lizard in the world. This remnant of the dinosaurs  can kill it’s prey (even a human) with a single bite from its bacteria infested, razor sharp teeth. The delicate ecosystem, the rarity of the Komodo Dragons and the unique environment has led it to become a UNESCO World Heritage site. This has helped protect Komodo Diving sites from exploitation and overfishing.

Sea cucumbers in a group seen while Komodo DivingThe diversity of the Marine life is just amazing. With massive numbers of Manta Rays, Sharks and turtles to name a few large species. But the tiny ones also make for an amazing experience. Pygmy seahorses, an incredible array of Nudibarchs and many species of Frogfish. Being located in the “Coral triangle” makes this area one the most diverse in the world. Komodo Diving offers up more than 1000 species of corals and many more fish as well. As the are is strongly protected by the Komodo National Park rangers and the Nature Conservancy, the reefs and diving in Komodo should be pristine for decades to come.

The Komodo Diving Season

The Komodo dive season is, for the most part, continuously throughout the year, and during summer months the water is a little warmer. It is recommended that a Long wet suit be worn throughout the year, to guard against scrapes from the coral and reefs, as well as, chilly water temperatures. The waters in the warm north of the Komodo National Park range from 23-27 degrees, but cold upwellings and tidal changes can drop temperatures fast. In the Southern part of the park the waters can be in the teens.

Komodo Diving Safety

The Komodo National Park is located between two large oceans and the tidal changes are massive. Currents can reach 6 knots or more at select sites! It is essential that you choose a reputable dive operator who emphasizes safety. There have been several cases of divers being swept from dive sites when joining inexperienced dive guides. A reputable dive operator should have life rafts (surprisingly uncommon), working radios, satellite phones.

That said – any good operator can take an inexperienced diver to Komodo. They simply avoid the sites with strong currents. With more than 50 named sites and many times that with no names – there are only a few dive sites that have strong currents. IT takes wisdom and experience to make that decision. Choose wisely. Komodo diving is incredible – there is no need for it to be dangerous.

With a certified dive guide you will visit some of the best dive locations, and see some of the most breathtaking marine life the world has to offer. You do not want to miss the opportunity to see the squadrons of one hundred plus manta rays, as they glide above or beneath you in search of food. You will also get the chance to see whales and dolphins as they migrate or play in the surrounding waters.

Komodo Diving has earned it’s place as one of the most spectacular dive locations, and some of the most gorgeous marine flora and fauna you will ever hope to see. Keep in mind during your visit of safety precautions and recommendations. As stunning as this location is, it is still full of wildlife, and no windows, glass or bars between you and the sea.

Komodo Diving options

Komodo Daytrips – from Labuan Bajo there are a few reputable and safe companies offering daytrips to the Komodo National Park.  These trips usually consist of 2 dives and take a full day. Ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the destination – it is a full day trip.

Komodo Liveaboards – There are several liveaboards based in Labuan Bajo that offer everything from 3 day trips to 2 week trips through Komodo. Komodo diving liveaboards also range in price from budget (how much is your life worth) to extreme luxury (sell your soul to pay for these boats) and everything in between. Choose wisely – you often get what you pay for!

Expeditions – There are several long range trips that start, stop or include Komodo in their itinerary.

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